The Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging and Photonics studies the interaction of light with biological tissue on the microscopic and macroscopic scale. Scientists at the Center work at the interface of biophotonics, bioengineering and cancer biology, with a particular emphasis on:

  • scattering of coherent and incoherent light by sub-cellular compartments and extracellular structures
  • label-free nanoscale-sensitive study of chromatin packing in live cells with confocal light scattering spectroscopic microscopy
  • development of CRISPR-based light activatable transcription systems 
  • SERS-based ultrasensitive identification and quantification of drugs in biofluids and nucleic acids in cell-derived exosomes

The Center also develops a variety of optical spectroscopic imaging tools for noninvasive detection of invisible pre-cancer and evaluation of tumor metastatic potential in the human digestive system. 

Recent Publications
Positions Available

There are currently positions available at the Center for Postdoctoral Fellows in Biomedical Optical Experiment/Modeling, Molecular Biology and PhD Students in Physics, Engineering and Biology.